9 Arepas Restaurant is your go-to Sports Bar in Pembroke Pines. Our restaurant has been designed and inspired to allow you to enjoy the best fusion and selection of Spanish, Italian, Brazilian, and Venezuelan cuisine. Customers can come in and enjoy the delectable food while watching their favorite teams and enjoy live music.


What is the meaning of “9 Arepas”?

Although the literal meaning of an Arepa is a mouth-watering Venezuelan staple crafted from white cornmeal, in the sports world, an arepa is referenced for its circular shape (that which is similar to a ZERO) and it is quite literally, any sports team biggest nightmare. Whether it be softball, kickball or baseball, to be given an Arepa means that a team failed to score any points within a given inning. To add insult to injury, to say a team had not 1,2, or 3 but 9Arepas, is to say that they scored zero points the entire game. Rather than playing a perfect game, this team will have played the worst game!


9 Arepas opens bright and early to allow our patrons to enjoy an authentic Italian coffee, our fresh baked breads and delicatessens, fresh empanadas, famous Arepas, and our unique Huevos a la Ranchera. Whether you are stopping in for a breakfast on-the-go or you have time to sit and dine with us, you will not be disappointed.

Our mid-day lunches are sure to satisfy any palate with our delicious international cuisine crafted by our local chefs.

At the end of the day, be sure to join us for live music, videos, tapas, and exquisite dinners! Adults and children alike will enjoy our extensive menu including a great variety for kids and our famous hamburgers and Venezuelan style hotdogs for the adults. We also have a variety of drinks, coffees, and desserts to accompany any meal. Be sure to ask for our lighter fare/gluten-free menu.


How to get to 9 Arepas Restaurant? Waze can help you!

We want to give you the best experience in foreign food and we have a lot of options to choose from. Arepas, Empanadas, Tequeños from Venezuela, Brazilian Sandwiches, American Cheeseburgers, delicious desserts, salads and more! It´s so easy to get here! But if you need help, ask Waze and you get here quickly and easy, …

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